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︎Décousus // Unstitched

︎Asiate imparfaite // Imperfect Asian
Bilingual podcast about
being Asian-Canadian.
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Sometimes I write so my brain doesn’t explode.

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People I love that I met in the Montreal film industry. Yes, some of them are competitors but who cares?

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The designer
Laura is a production designer based in Montreal, designing for television and film. She tells stories, creates a space that is true to a character, to a certain history or to someone's crazy vision. What she loved most is discovering and understanding different versions of what is beautiful. 

The 2nd generation Canadian woman of cambodian descent
In 2019, she began to wonder what her responsibility is as a respected asian woman in the industry. She started using her voice during covid in a podcast series called Imperfect Asian.

In doing so, she was part in creating a vocal asian community in Montréal, empowering them. She has remained behind the scene since but is still involved in and supports other initiatives.