Production Designer
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︎Décousus // Unstitched

︎Asiate imparfaite // Imperfect Asian
Bilingual podcast about
being Asian-Canadian.
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Sometimes I write so my brain doesn’t explode.

︎ Friends
People I love that I met in the Montreal film industry. Yes, some of them are competitors but who cares?

The film industry is filled with good crazy and bad crazy. I wouldn’t be here without the many people who have worked with me, for me, hired me and who helped me build who I am today. Here are some that I love and I hope we’ll continue helping and seeing each other grow for decades to come.

These boys I met at the very start of our careers and they are out there hustling, writing, directing. We are all off doing our own thing but support each other behind the scenes.
Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Santiago Menghini

Designer friends you can hire instead of me.
Jessica Hart
Jeremy Sandor
Yola Van Leeuwenkamp
Élyse Bédard